Top 7 Burger Joints in Oklahoma City

You will find historic buildings, bustling boutiques, and the best restaurants in Oklahoma City.

With a wide wide assortment of foods from steakhouses to seafood restaurants to burger joints, Oklahoma City is a foodie's dream. Let's dive into burger joints today because when you're craving a burger Oklahoma City has your back.

If you're wanting a burger but you're not sure where to go, peruse this list of the top seven burger restaurants in OKC. Whether you're wanting a premium Angus patty or an impossible burger, we've got you covered with this list.

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S&B Burger Joint

A relaxed American eatery serving award-winning burgers with unique flavors as well as handcrafted signature cocktails.

Image courtesy of S&B Burgers.

6801 SW 3rd St | Oklahoma City |

S&B Burger Joint has a large selection of burgers, perfect for any burger connoisseur. Their award-winning burgers and sliders offer a unique flavor that will have you wanting more. You can choose between multiple patty options from an Angus beef patty, a veggie patty, an impossible patty, a bacon and beef patty, to name a few. Seriously, you have a lot of options with this restaurant.

Along with their delicious burger options you can also choose between chicken tenders, salads, and many sides. We highly recommend trying their smothered fries which are extremely unique, especially their smothered sweet potato fries with peanut butter and bacon. They even offer keto, vegan, and gluten-free options.

At S&B the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, perfect for a lunch with friends or family dinner. They even have an outdoor covered seating area with picnic tables if you prefer to eat outside. Inside the restaurant, there are windows everywhere allowing a lot of natural lighting in. It is a fun restaurant and the food is out of this world.

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Sid’s Diner

A small cozy restaurant that's family-owned serving up American staples such as delicious burgers.

Image courtesy of Sid’s Diner.

300 S Choctaw Ave | El Reno |

If you're looking for a local restaurant, make sure to stop by Sid's Diner. Established in 1989, Sid's Diner is a third-generation family-owned business and offers amazing American cuisine.

Here you'll find delightful burgers bursting with flavor. Add fried onions to your burger for that extra crunch making it extra yummy. They also offer sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs, chili, and tater tots. This restaurant offers all kinds of comfort food right at your fingertips.

Sid's Diner was rated top five burgers in America by the Food Network. You know you're getting a really special burger when you’re eating at a highly rated burger joint.

The restaurant has a homey feel to it with retro furniture and decor. It also features an outdoor covered patio with picnic tables. So you can take your burger outside and enjoy a beautiful day. Whether you choose to eat inside or outside, Sid's Diner will take care of that burger craving.

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Johnnie’s Grill

A casual and fast food eatery serving up classic American fares such as burgers and hot dogs.

Image courtesy of Johnnie’s Grill.

224 Calumet Rd | Oklahoma City |

There are days when nothing will do but a good old-fashioned hamburger or hot dog and that's where Johnnie's Grill comes into play. They offer multiple burger options including a black bean veggie burger and gluten-free buns. Along with their burgers, you can also sample their frankfurters, sandwiches, salads, chili, or soups.

Johnnie's Grill was established in 1975 by Johnnie Haynes. Ever since Johnnie's has become known for the char-broiled burgers that are soaked in Johnnie's original sauce. Locals came to love Johnnie's Grill and they have now expanded to seven locations in the Oklahoma City metro area. So if you're wanting a popular burger place, Johnnie's is a local favorite.

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Republic Gastropub

A modern sophisticated restaurant serving American cuisine paired with American craft beer.

Image courtesy of Republic Gastropub.

5830 N Classen Blvd | Oklahoma City |

A classic American burger meets sophistication with Republic Gastropub. Their delicious menu is built to complement American craft beer and they offer hundreds of beer options. When you're wanting a burger and a beer, Republic Gastropub is the way to go. They offer tasty burgers and signature sandwiches along with house specialties including meatloaf and flat iron steak.

The atmosphere and decor in the restaurant add to the memorable experience of eating here. They offer comfortable booths where you can enjoy a romantic date night or a small get-together with friends. The high ceiling makes the whole restaurant feel wide and open. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer natural lighting in this contemporary restaurant. If you're wanting a higher-end burger and an unforgettable atmosphere, Republic Gastropub is the right choice.

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Tucker’s Onion Burgers

A vintage restaurant using the freshest ingredients ethically produced by local growers for delicious burgers.

Image courtesy of Tucker’s Onion Burgers.

324 NW 23rd St. | Oklahoma City |

Tucker's Onion Burgers prides itself on its amazing burger options and using the freshest ingredients. Using only premium ground beef that is produced ethically by regional growers, you're truly getting a local burger. Along with beef they also offer turkey burger options for those who may not want beef and an impossible burger for all the vegetarians and vegans out there.

Tucker's Onion Burgers is a cafeteria-style eatery. This laid-back atmosphere is perfect for a relaxed lunch with friends or family. It's casual dining with a few vintage touches here and there that add to the experience of eating at a local favorite. If you're wanting a premium onion burger, Tucker's Onion Burgers is the way to go.

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Patty Wagon

Locally owned gourmet burger restaurant in OKC bursting with charm and flavor.

Image courtesy of Patty Wagon.

3600 N May Ave | Oklahoma City |

When you first walk into the Patty Wagon you may notice the fun and whimsical menu that is written on a chalkboard in different colors. It gives the restaurant a unique retro vibe and is enjoyable to peruse. The entire restaurant offers a casual dining experience with a lot of charm that gives it a homey feel.

The Patty Wagon is locally and family-owned. They serve 100% certified Angus beef that comes from farm-raised grass-fed cattle from an Oklahoma cattle rancher. So when they say local, they really mean local. They offer multiple burger and sandwich options so even if you're not wanting the burger, you'll feel satisfied with their delicious sandwiches.

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Del Rancho

Small restaurant that's home to the original Steak Sandwich Supreme.

Image courtesy of Del Rancho.

16 SW 59th St | Oklahoma City |

You know you have to try a restaurant when they have a totally unique menu item you can't get anywhere else. Del Rancho offers the original Steak Sandwich Supreme, a special menu item that the founder created himself. Del Rancho was established in 1961 and the founder, J. R. Holt, wanted to make a completely one-of-a-kind menu item you could only get at Del Rancho. In 1964, Holt introduced his masterpiece which was the original Steak Sandwich Supreme. Needless to say, locals loved it.

So what is it? Well, the Steak Sandwich Supreme is a top steak dredged in a secret Del Rancho breading and fried to perfection. Add delicious sauce, fresh vegetables, and bread and you have the unique menu item! Del Rancho also serves up several tasty burgers giving you many different options.

At Del Rancho, you can have flavorful home-style comfort food that is made fresh daily. Along with their unique sandwich, they offer many different food choices. Even their salads are a local favorite! Enjoy your meal outside on the covered patio and be sure to try the signature Steak Sandwich Supreme.

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Is Oklahoma City the place to go for burgers or what? That's a rhetorical question. Of course, it is because we've listed some incredible options here. Whether you're craving of veggie burger, turkey burger, or an Angus beef burger, you can't go wrong with one of these restaurants on this list. Out of all the restaurants, which would you look most like to try? Leave us a comment with your answer below!

Main image courtesy of Jonathan Borba.

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