Top 6 Sushi Restaurants in OKC

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As any of the locals will tell you, Oklahoma City is bursting with vivacity, history, and culture.

From incredibly unique stores to lively events, Oklahoma City has it all. You can even find some of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City. Since it's the largest city in Oklahoma, people from all walks of life come and open their own restaurants here. Locals love eating different foods and enjoying the variety of restaurants in Oklahoma City. Today we’ll be looking at sushi bars in OKC.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish involving sushi rice with vinegar and typically rolled with seafood and vegetables. However, many restaurants enjoy experimenting with what you can put in sushi making it a fun and inventive dish.

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Sushi Neko

A Japanese eatery serving phenomenal Japanese fare, wine, and sake.

Image courtesy of Sushi Neko.

4318 N Western Ave | Oklahoma City |

Let me start by saying that Sushi Neko was voted the Best Sushi in OKC by the OK Gazette and Reader's Choice Oklahoma for 5 years. It is a must-try sushi bar in Oklahoma City. They serve amazing food have outstanding service, and even have a Japanese sake and large wine collection.

Sushi Neko was established in 1997. Ever since the owners and staff have worked toward building a special relationship with their customers. It shows considering that they were voted the best in Oklahoma City for 5 years. They offer several entrees and appetizers as well as sushi. Make sure to try their Cajun Roll with crawfish, spicy sauce, masago, green onion, and sesame oil with seaweed on the outside. End your meal with one of their delicious desserts like their Banana Miso Rice Pudding.

I also want to touch on the atmosphere. Sushi Neko has an incredible Japanese-inspired design with tatami tables and unique decor. It feels upscale but isn't intimidating making it a perfect place for a date or group of friends. They also have a patio if you'd like to eat outside. Make sure to try Sushi Neko and find out why it was voted the best for 5 years.

"Neko is the best sushi restaurant you can find in the neighborhood. Their menu has plenty to choose from for sushi, and they have entrees if you're looking for something else. highly recommend trying the special rolls on their chalkboard -- they will not disappoint." - Yelp Review

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Volcano Sushi

Modern sushi bar and hibachi with an enormous menu serving delectable Japanese fare.

Image courtesy of Volcano Sushi.

1609 Penn Park Blvd #10 | Oklahoma City |

I know I say that a lot of places have a big menu, but they pale in comparison to Volcano Sushi. They have the biggest menu probably out of everyone on this list. So if you're wanting options, Volcano Sushi is the way to go. They have several locations in Oklahoma which tell you just how popular this sushi bar is in OKC.

It has an upscale vibe to it with sleek furniture and decor including some comfortable booths. They serve sushi, hibachi, bento boxes, salads, rice and noodles, tempura, sake, and desserts. This is a great restaurant to bring friends to even if they're not a sushi fan. It has something for everybody. Make sure to try their Volcano Roll which is deep-fried and made with tuna, crab, and cucumber. Check out their Dream Roll as well which is pictured above. It's made of cream cheese, salmon, avocado, cucumber, and topped with crab salad. Don't forget to end your meal with a tasty treat like mochi! I have no doubt you'll be coming back to Volcano Sushi.

"Always the best local area to get my sushi fix! We always get the gyoza and hits the spot we've tried other places gyoza and doesn't come close! Food is always perfect here!" - Yelp Review

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GoGo Sushi

A casual restaurant serving delicious sushi, sashimi, hibachi, bento boxes, and noodles in a bright setting.

Image courtesy of GoGo Sushi.

432 NW 10th St | Oklahoma City |

GoGo Sushi is a fun little restaurant with a modern design to it. It has red and black chairs, some Asian decorations scattered here and there, and a beautiful brick interior. The atmosphere is laid back making it the perfect place to hang out with a few friends.

Established in 2009, GoGo Sushi is a local eatery that is family-operated. They have two locations, one of which is in Oklahoma City. They pride themselves on excellent food and friendly service and they certainly deliver on that.

When it comes to their menu, it’s bursting with options. There are tons of sushi rolls to choose from as well as appetizers and entrees. Pair any of your meals with beer, wine, bubbly, or sake. For an appetizer, try their Ahi Tuna Nachos made with crispy wonton chips that are topped with seared ahi tuna, mango salsa, avocado, cilantro, poke sauce, togarashi pepper, and wasabi mayo.

As for their sushi rolls, you can choose from sashimi, nigiri, fried rolls, rolls with toppings, veggie rolls, basic rolls, and specialty rolls. The sky's the limit here. We recommend trying out their Jungle Roll which has tuna, jalapeno, seaweed salad, spicy mayo, and sesame seeds. You'll be back just to try more of their sushi in no time.

"Soooo good! We had the poke bowl & a roll. Quick service. Poke was fresh and SO good! They have a variety of options for even picky eaters and pleased my little sister! Overall recommend. Go here!" - Yelp Review

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Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

A sushi bar serving dishes in a traditional Japanese setting.

Image courtesy of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.

7516 N Western Ave | Oklahoma City |

If you're wanting Japanese food in the perfect environment, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is the place to go. It has a very Japanese feel to it from the furniture to the lighting to the decor. It was first opened in 1987 and for the last 30 years, it has offered traditional Japanese cuisine including an assortment of fresh sushi.

Peruse their large menu and you’ll find many tasty options. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant uses high-quality fresh fish and are very creative with their rolls. Try the Ume Roll which has Japanese sour plum, shiso leaves, and cucumber. I also recommend the Futomaki which has smoked salmon, crab stick, egg omelet, Kampyo, oshinko, smelt roe, and cucumber. They also offer a good variety of sake to enjoy your meal with.

"This probably my favorite sushi place in the city and definitely one of the best. Cozy atmosphere and cool vibe. Service is great. Food is excellent. As good or better than Neko and a little bit more cost effective. Curbside is great. I really like the gyoza, dynamite dynamite and the Godzilla roll. Definitely would recommend to others." - Yelp Review

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Roll N Rock Sushi

A casual eatery dishing up loads of delicious fresh sushi in a low-key environment.

Image courtesy of Roll N Rock Sushi.

4501 NW 63rd St | Oklahoma City | Roll N Rock Facebook Page

Roll N Rock Sushi is a smaller restaurant that you could easily miss. I'm here to tell you to keep an eye out for it! Some locals say that Roll N Rock Sushi has the best sushi ever so it's definitely a place you want to try.

Roll N Rock Sushi was established in 2016 and is a locally owned and operated restaurant that strives to bring fresh and affordable Japanese food to Oklahoma City. They do so and with their large menu, it would take a while to try everything on it. They offer a lot of sushi, appetizers, hibachi, and ramen. Make sure to check out their daily specials as well. We recommend trying the Jack Roll which is a fried roll. Inside is crawfish, shrimp, hot sauce, and green onions. On the outside, it has avocado, tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce, wasabi mayo, green onions, and masago.

The restaurant is small and extremely charming. It's a fun place with whimsical decor and these nifty lights that look like upside-down flowers. They have an open kitchen so you can see the chefs make the food. You’ll walk away with a memorable experience.

"Best sushi I've ever had! I had the dragon roll and it was awesome   They were very nice and so helpful. Great service and great food. Definitely will be going again and again and again." - Yelp Review

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All About Cha

A modern eatery serving gourmet coffee and tea along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Image courtesy of Yelp.

100 E Main St #101B | Oklahoma City |

I already know what you're thinking. How did a place that specializes in gourmet coffee and tea get on this OKC sushi list? Well, because one of the things they offer is sushi and it is incredible. While their sushi menu is smaller than the other restaurants on here, they have a few options and it's the perfect place to go if you’re out with a friend who isn’t a fan of sushi. They have a lot of options to choose from and their menu is quite varied.

Part of coming to All About Cha is for the experience of the atmosphere. It has such an enjoyable feel to it with yellow walls, a black ceiling, and amazing chandeliers. They even have comfortable chairs that you could just curl up in and relax.

You’ll have to try the sushi while you're here. We recommend the All About Scallops which is a roll that has baked scallops, crab, avocado, cucumber, masago, green onions, sesame, and their special All About sauce. Cool down on a hot day with an Iced Yuja Lemon Tea. This is a Korean Yuja tea that they added lemon to and sweetened with honey. Finally, their desserts are out of this world so make sure to treat yourself to a fruit tart, a crepe, or a cake.

"I was skeptical about Sushi in OKC, this hit the spot. Very good rolls, I preferred the shrimp roll vs scallop roll and the Miso soup was very good. The bulgogi wrap was a big hit with my daughter. The desserts were very good we had an Oreo slice and pecan slice." - Yelp Review

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Are you craving sushi yet? Even if you're not a sushi fan, a lot of these restaurants also serve Japanese food so you have to at least be craving that! The sushi bars in Oklahoma City are unique, delicious, and absolutely worth trying. Which restaurant out of this list would you want to try? Leave us a comment below.


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