Top 6 Sushi Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

Finding great sushi can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Finding great sushi can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. And more often than not, the ones that offer tasty, fresh favorites are also priced in a way that makes them a special occasion-only spot.

But if you live in or plan to visit Columbus, Ohio, you're in luck. While it might be surprising, this city actually offers a number of delicious sushi restaurants serving up fresh favorites at affordable prices. These destinations also make a great choice when you're shopping for gift cards for friends, family, coworkers, and more. With a virtual GiftYa card, you can include a personalized message along with a gift card of your choice, and send it to anyone in just seconds.

If you're looking for the perfect night out or a location to purchase a gift card for a friend, keep reading to learn a few of the top sushi restaurants in Columbus, Ohio.

1. Daruma Sushi

Classic Japanese steakhouse and sushi, serving customers on a hibachi

Pick a fresh dish cooked hibachi-style, or enjoy hand-rolled sushi. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3939 Ridge Mill Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026

At Daruma's, talented hibachi masters and top chefs prepare fresh-made Japanese classics and hand-rolled sushi in every style and flavor. The intimate atmosphere makes this an ideal spot for a date night out or any special occasion. They can also accommodate large groups for those looking to celebrate together. Each of their dishes and rolls is prepared using fish that's flown in daily to ensure that it's always fresh. For those still looking to avoid eating indoors, Daruma offers their hibachi classics and sushi to-go, so that you can still enjoy your favorites from the comfort of your home.

"Daruma is nestled in a plaza at Mill Run and easy to miss.  This hibachi restaurant serves huge portions and delicious food!  They also have the most attentive servers, your glass will never be empty!  Fun hibachi chefs and also solid sushi.  You can choose to sit at a hibachi grill where the chef cooks the food in front of you or on the more restaurant side with regular tables.  We've done both!  The grill is fun if you are with a group.  The hibachi dinner comes with clear soup with mushrooms and green onions, salad with ginger dressing, noodles, vegetables, fried rice and your choice of protein.  Yum yum and sesame ginger sauce are provided.  You will always take leftovers home with you - but they never last long!!" -Yelp Review

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2. Sushi Ko

Fresh, hand-rolled sushi favorites

Sashimi boasts, spicy California rolls, and other sushi favorites fill this classic menu. Image courtesy of Yelp.

122 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus, OH 43235

Whatever kind of roll, sashimi, or other sushi-style you're craving, you'll find it here. Sushi Ko offers an extensive sushi bar, as well as plenty of other Japanese cuisine favorites. The simple decor and laid-back atmosphere, as well as the quick services, makes this idea for a fast lunch or a casual dinner out. Sushi Ko has also stepped up their carry-out game to allow those still dining at home to still enjoy sushi night whenever they want!

"My go to Sushi restaurant!!! Take out ! Dine in!! Quality is the norm!!! I highly suggest their special sushi rolls!!Spider & Cherry Blossom are my faves!!! There was a mistake once on one of my takeout order.I had no clue...I was called as I was about to turn into campus view.  I returned to get the right order & extra miso as a consolation!!!" - Yelp Review

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3. Sushi King

Modern Asian fusion cuisine at affordable prices

Enjoy your favorite high-end Asian fusion dishes at an affordable price. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1413 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

Asian fusion cuisine usually gets a reputation for high prices that go along with its high-end appeal. But at Sushi King, you can indulge in your favorites without breaking the bank. From traditional and vegetarian rolls to sashimi and more, you'll find it all here. They are perhaps best known for their carry-out boxes, which feature enough food to feed two with just one order.

"This place is fantastic! Excellent quality at great prices. I was thrilled to find they are back after shutting down for a bit during the lockdown. I absolutely love the Christmas Roll, along with their melt-in-your-mouth salmon sashimi (yum!!!), and my boyfriend enjoys their wide selection of tempura rolls. My favorite sushi experience in town!" -Yelp Review

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4. Mr. Sushi

Friendly staff serving up fresh sushi in an unassuming restaurant

Overflowing sushi boats covered in fresh, colorful toppings are a favorite here. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1127 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230

If you're looking for fresh rolls and sushi, good prices, friendly staff, and a laid-back, unassuming atmosphere, this is the place. This small restaurant has been open for more than a decade and has been a local favorite the entire time. It's easy to miss, with its non-descript exterior and simple decor. But the fresh, tasty food speaks for itself.

"Lovely little joint, tucked into a plaza in Gahanna. They do carry out & dine in! I only tried their sushi rolls this time but I ordered four different varieties. They were all delicious! They have a larger than normal variety of different types of rolls, with some baked and fried varieties, as well! I will definitely be back to sample more of their food." -Yelp Review

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5. Tokyo Sushi

Mom and pop sushi restaurant specializing in fresh ingredients and low prices

Tokyo Sushi offers both everyday takeout favorites and special occasion treats. Image courtesy of Yelp.

9880 Brewster Ln, Powell, OH 43065

This mom-and-pop restaurant specializes in friendly service and delicious food. Their menu is almost overwhelming in its options, including every kind of roll, sashimi, soup, salad, and appetizer you can think of. Go all-out with a sushi boat, or opt for a low-key takeout bento box. No matter which you choose, you won't go home hungry.

"3 years after moving to Powell from the east coast, we finally found decent sushi here!!! I can't believe it was right under our noses the whole time! The owner is clearly dedicated to quality and service. We really enjoyed the MANY dishes we ordered for takeout, which we were nervous about (because, really, who does takeout sushi on a 90 degree day??). Everything was fresh and perfectly cold/hot as it should be!

I highly recommend the Spicy Jumbo, Playgirl, Playboy, Mean Green, and Mile High rolls. Really. Soooo good! The Galbi Gui (marinated beef short rib) was also excellent. Job Chae, spring rolls, and tempura were all decent. We will definitely be back to try new things and get more of the winning dishes we had today." -Yelp Review

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6. Sapporo Sushi Factory

Modern sushi favorites without the modern price tag

Platters of fresh favorites are perfect for sharing with friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

732 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082

From big platters of sushi favorites to perfectly-sized takeout boxes, they do it all at Sapporo Sushi Factory. With affordable prices and quick, welcoming service, this is a great spot for an evening out with friends or an evening in at home when you're craving fresh sushi favorites.

"I absolutely loved this place.  I picked Sapporo out because of the reviews and we weren't disappointed.  This was nice and intimate.  We were a little overwhelmed by the menu, since there was such a huge selection.  But our waiter came to our rescue.  We told him that we both liked spicy and he suggested we try three rolls.  One was a mermaid roll.  Another had eel and I am not sure what the third one was.  I would definitely suggest that if you aren't sure what to order, that you do this.   Can't wait to go back." -Yelp Review

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When you're in the mood for sushi or want to gift a friend a tasty night out, you can't go wrong with one of these fresh, affordable Columbus favorites.

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