Top 6 Best Coffee Shops for Writers in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a creative city full of creative people that love coffee and you’re in luck! Cincinnati is loaded with coffee shops from street to street, all with their own unique tastes and flavors. Venturing into a new coffee shop and trying new flavors of coffee beans, trying a signature drink, or even trying a latte with oat milk that everybody keeps going on about will get you motivated and ready to get work done. The ambiance of the sound of an espresso machine running in the background, and the small chit-chat of others working around you will be enough to set the mood to get ready to write.

Are you having trouble finding a new coffee shop to work at, or just need a change of scenery from the one you always go to? Have no fear! Here is a list of the top six coffee shops in Cincinnati for all of your coffee needs and to boost not only your caffeine intake, but also boost your motivation for your writing and to overall get your work done!

Deeper Roots Coffee

Experience a new Coffee of the Day with every visit!

Stop in for a delicious cup of coffee from the large selection of whole bean coffee that Deeper Roots Coffee has to offer! Image Courtesy of WCPO.
3056 Madison Road

Looking for a locally owned coffee shop with a large selection of whole bean coffee available? Then welcome to Deeper Roots Coffee, a coffee shop that has been crafting its own signature drinks since 2011! Deeper Roots Coffee offers a traditional espresso menu, along with serving both iced coffee and cold nitro coffee on tap as well. 

If you’re not a coffee drinker, that’s okay because Deeper Roots Coffee also offers delicious and rich teas from Rishi Tea. When the summer months approach, they also offer a brand new menu featuring signature iced teas and seltzers. Deeper Roots Coffee also has an endless list of pastries from Frieda’s Desserts and a toast menu as well!

Deeper Roots Coffee may be the place for you to get you motivated to write today with all the delicious and tasty options awaiting!

“I highly recommend this place to people who genuinely love quality 3rd wave coffee and appreciate the time and effort behind great espresso.” - Yelp Review

Urbana Cafe

Discover a vintage coffee shop full of delicious pastries and good coffee!

While Urbana Cafe has actual store locations, they are also known for selling their signature espresso drinks out of a Vespa Ape, a three-wheeled vehicle, which is also how they got their start! Image Courtesy of Facebook.
1206 Broadway Street

Are you into small, vintage-looking coffee shops? Well, Urbana Cafe may just be your next pit stop for your next writing session! Urbana Cafe got its start in 2013 with a Vespa Ape, a three-wheeled vehicle, a vintage espresso machine, and one barista with a dream of making it big in the city. 

Having expanded the company and having multiple locations, Urbana Cafe is known for their wide variety of coffee choices, and signature espresso drinks, such as an orange spiced flat white. Urbana Cafe also features many different pastries, such as orange chocolate chip scones and pistachio topped chocolate croissants and also serves a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches as well.

If you like a light and calm environment while working, then enjoy a latte, or two at Urbana Cafe today!

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“If you are looking for a cozy place, where they know your name and serve what I believe is the best coffee in the area, then Urbana is for you.” - Yelp Review

Coffee Emporium

Come visit and enjoy a great cup of coffee from Cincinnati’s oldest coffee house!

Not only can you enjoy the large selection of drinks offered at Coffee Emporium, but you can also enjoy their tasty pastries and breakfast sandwiches they serve all throughout the day! Image Courtesy of Yelp.
110 E Central Parkway

Coffee Emporium is Cincinnati’s oldest coffee house that got its start in 1973 and has since expanded to six different coffee houses all around the city! This coffee shop is always bustling with many people no matter what time of day with eager customers wanting to try their signature drinks, such as the Toddy Jive, which is cold brewed coffee with vanilla and cream. 

Coffee Emporium is also known for their pastries, and even offers gluten free pastries such as cookies and other treats. Delicious breakfast sandwiches and wraps are another option to fill you up in the morning to take on your work day full of writing and editing! 

If you’re looking for a well-known coffee house that is known for its great coffee choices and appetizing pastries and sandwiches, then take your work to Coffee Emporium and enjoy what they have to offer!

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“Huge space and hipster vibes! Seems like a great place to hang out and work, meet up with friends or just relax. Super friendly service here too!” - Yelp Review

BLOC Coffee Company

Order a specialty organic and locally roasted coffee today!

Enjoy deliciously organic and locally roasted coffee along with homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, and pastries at BLOC Coffee Company! Image Courtesy of Yelp.
801 Mount Hope Avenue

Come enjoy a specialty coffee from BLOC Coffee Company, a coffee shop that takes pride in their organic and locally roasted coffee beans. While they are mainly known for their different coffee blends, BLOC Coffee Company also offers traditional espresso drinks, including cappuccinos, and lattes, and they also offer their own organic teas for those non-coffee drinkers. They also offer seasonal homemade soups, pastries, salads, and even sandwiches.

Established in 2007, BLOC Coffee Company has made its mission to provide the community with quality drinks from using quality ingredients, so stop in today to focus and motivate you to be productive in your writing!

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“A great place to meet with friends or relax or work on your own. Bright, inviting space with plenty of nice tables to sit, and very friendly staff. Great, high-quality drinks and food at reasonable prices.” - Yelp Review

Collective Espresso

Come try their specialty coffee and espresso at this cozy coffee shop!

Enjoy a fresh cup of Collective Espresso’s specialty coffee, or espresso in this relaxed and quiet coffee shop! Image Courtesy of Fresh Cup Magazine
207 Woodward Street

With a name such as Collective Espresso, they make sure to make their signature coffee and espresso drinks one-of-a-kind to keep customers coming back! They are known for their incredible latte art served with every drink, as well as their simple and traditional menu. 

Being in a tucked in, cozy environment in Over-the-Rhine, customers enjoy the natural lighting that enters the quaint shop, along with its raved about cappuccinos. Collective Espresso also offers a wide variety of pastry options as well, including cookies and other treats.

If you’re looking for a quiet and quaint coffee shop that is inviting and offers a well-known cappuccino, then Collective Espresso may just be the place for you to get your work done and enjoy a new scenery!

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“Good coffee, good company! I'm rooting for ya, Collective Espresso. Employees were super friendly + welcoming and got my latte out right away!” - Yelp Review

Awakenings Coffee & Wine

Welcome to the coffee shop that not only sells coffee, but wine too!

Stop in and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and then a glass of wine at night by coming to Awakenings Coffee & Wine in Cincinnati. Image Courtesy of Tripadvisor.
2734 Erie Avenue
Hyde Park

Are you a fan of both coffee and wine? Well, Awakenings Coffee & Wine is just the place for you! With a full menu on coffee, tea, and hot or iced espresso beverages, Awakenings Coffee & Wine has all of the essentials for your morning coffee cravings to wake you up. They also offer breakfast items, such as your traditional muffins, cookies, and many more. 

On top of selling caffeinated drinks, Awakenings Coffee & Wine also has a full wine selection of over 400 different kinds of wine. You can purchase wine by the bottle, by the glass, and they even offer wine tastings as well. Awakenings Coffee & Wine also features live band performances every Friday and Saturday evening to come and enjoy a delightful glass of wine after a long, hard week. 

If you’re looking to quench your thirst for coffee in the morning and have a cool glass of wine in the evening, then Awakenings Coffee & Wine is most likely the newest spot in town for you!

“I was intrigued by both the coffee and wine that Awakening serves, but they do it pretty well. Overall, really great place to work and a nice overall vibe to them. Definitely worth checking out!” - Yelp Review

There are so many unique coffee shops located in Cincinnati and we thought that these six deserved to be mentioned. Whether it was the unique signature drinks of theirs, or the delightful pastries, or even the fact that they offered both coffee and wine, they all have their own exclusive features that every customer can appreciate. Did we mention your favorite coffee shop in Cincinnati? If not, leave a comment down below on what your favorite one is!

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