Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants to Go to in the Windy City

June 24, 2020
jason wolfe
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Struggling to find the most delicious vegetarian food in Chicago? Have no fear, here’s a list of the best five restaurants to go to in the city!

Trying to find the perfect restaurant to go to when you’re hungry can be quite challenging, especially if you’re craving vegetarian food. While most restaurants serve food with or containing meat, it can be a struggle to find the perfect vegetarian restaurant, especially in a city as big as Chicago. Whether you’re in the mood for vegetarian tacos, vegetable fried rice, tofu, or even just a delicious salad, we got you covered on the best vegetarian restaurants in the Windy City that will keep you coming back for more!

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The Chicago Diner

 2333N Milwaukee Avenue | Logan Square |

Your Favorite Meat-Free Restaurant Since 1983 to Serve Delicious Vegetarian Meals!

Come to The Chicago Diner today for all of your vegetarian food needs and a restaurant that has been meat-free since 1983. Image courtesy of Northalsted Business Alliance

The Chicago Diner, located right in Logan Square, is one of the most popular meat-free diners in the city of Chicago. As vegetarian restaurants seem to be becoming more popular each and every day, The Chicago Diner is the most well-known in the area. When this restaurant first opened, people scoffed at the idea of a meat-free restaurant and thought that it wouldn’t do well, but The Chicago Diner has been able to prove people wrong since 1983. 

Chicago’s famous diner is known for its vintage look with neon lights and old ads to give it a relaxing vibe, all while serving some delicious vegetarian food. Some of their most popular foods include their veggie burgers, home fries, biscuits and vegetarian gravy, and even their vegan milkshakes are to die for. With many lunch and dinner options easily available to the hungry tourist, or native of Chicago, the small diner also offers a brunch menu, containing favorites such as a vegan cinnamon roll, country fried seitan steaks with your choice of eggs or tofu, and other vegetarian delights. Think that all of this food sounds irresistible, then go to The Chicago Diner today for some of the best vegetarian food in town!

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“Amazing vegetarian food. I would even confidently bring a meat-eater here, that's how good the food is! Love the variety as well.” - Yelp Review

Original Soul Vegetarian

203 E 75th Street

Greater Grand Crossing |

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Soul Food You Could Ask For!

Original Soul Vegetarian is a small restaurant in Chicago that offers the best soul food for vegans and vegetarians. Image courtesy of Yelp

Are you a fan of soul food, but wish that you could find the best vegetarian version of it? Well, look no further than Original Soul Vegetarian located in Greater Grand Crossing in Chicago! Original Soul Vegetarian has been serving “food as medicine” for over thirty years for vegans, vegetarians, and health aficionados with their famous soul food. They are known for their 100% plant based, animal and chemical free food, along with refraining from using refined sugars, flours, and even rice. Original Soul Vegetarian cares deeply about their customers to give them the best experience possible when coming to their restaurant with delicious food and excellent service.

Original Soul Vegetarian is known for the many famous dishes that they serve including their breaded tofu sandwich, black eyed pea hamburger, and even their buffalo tofu wings. They also offer a breakfast menu of a sunrise sandwich with scrambled tofu, a sausage patty, and a ripe tomato served on Hebrew toast, and even pancakes that will make your mouth water. Original Soul Vegetarian is also known for its Eternity Juice Bar where they feature fruit and even vegetable drinks that are very healthy for you! If you are in the mood for some delicious soul food, we recommend Original Soul Vegetarian for a delectable, meat-free meal!

“Soul Vegetarian should be a bucket list location for all vegetarians! The vegan options are endless, high quality ingredients, and the customer service is unlike any other. There is so much love of food, health, and culture in this place I will never forget this experience.” - Yelp Review

Majani Restaurant

7167S Exchange Avenue

South Shore |

Easy Going Restaurant that Serves Delicious Vegan and Plant-Based Cuisine!

Want some of the best plant-based vegan food in the Windy City? Try the Majani Restaurant today for a delicious experience! Image courtesy of Happy Cow.

In the neighborhood of South Shore lives Majani Restaurant, a vegan restaurant home to many different, yet healthy food choices that will make your mouth water. This restaurant feels strongly for the health of the community it is located in and the restaurant was opened to be able to bring healthy options right to the people of South Shore. The word “Majani” actually is Swahili for “green”, hence what the restaurant offers to its people, tasty plant-based cuisine and other vegan options to keep its customers happy and healthy. 

Majani Restaurant is known for its many appetizing selections, such as jerk tofu, crab cake sandwich, and even their homemade gyro featuring the restaurant's own tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Any of these options feature a side of collard greens and cornbread, or beans and rice and Manjani also offers a brunch menu, which includes a pancake sandwich, breakfast burrito, and more! Also, if you stop by Majani Restaurant today, you can try out their famous sweet potato cookies and their many other enticing desserts. Stop by today Majani Restaurant today for a healthy meal from a restaurant that cares about the health of their community!

“I ate well past being hungry. The vibe was nice, comfortable, and cozy. Majani is now on my list of mandatory go-tos whenever I'm back in Chicago.” - Yelp Review


2311 W North Avenue

Wicker Park, West Town |

Small Bustling Vegetarian Restaurant and Bar that Serves Seafood and Other Comfort Food Favorites!

Interested in trying the best seafood and other vegetarian comfort food in Chicago? Give Handlebar a try for all of your seafood musts, along with enjoying the all inclusive bar as well! Image courtesy of Handlebar.

Are you craving seafood, but also want to go to a vegetarian restaurant? Well, we have found the perfect solution for you! Handlebar is a restaurant that serves both seafood, and vegetarian comfort food with a full service bar and even a beer garden. Handlebar serves made-from-scratch food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that uses produce from local farms. Since 2003, Handlebar has been selling savory comfort food, along with serving some of the best beer in the Windy City.

Handlebar features many classic favorites, such as a buffalo “chicken” wrap, grilled cheese, grilled fish tacos, and even other favorites such as fried avocado tacos, and their own chili mac n’ cheese. Breakfast is also served till 3 pm daily, and their menu features chimichangas, french toast, biscuits and gravy, and even a yummy breakfast burrito. Handlebar also has an extensive drink menu, containing many beer sample packs to take home with you, and even cocktail kits, and beer/shot combos. If you love beer and comfort food, then check out Handlebar, the best place to be in town for your vegetarian comfort food needs!

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“Overall, it's rare to find a vegan / vegetarian place where you don't have to compromise on texture or taste. Handlebar delivered on both. I definitely plan on coming back for another meal sometime soon.” - Yelp Review 

Ground Control

3315 W Armitage Avenue

Logan Square |

A Diverse Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant with Food Ranging from Asian to Mexican!

Don’t know what kind of food you’re in the mood for? Check out Ground Control for its diverse menu and delicious food! Image courtesy of On the Grid: City Guides.

Do you want to go to a vegetarian restaurant that features a diverse menu with many different options to help satisfy your hunger? We recommend you check out Ground Control, a restaurant that features amazing vegetarian american, asian, and even mexican food. Established in 2012, this mom and pop shop has built up a reputation over the years in Chicago with it’s diverse menu and endless options for brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

Ground Control’s menu contains many different delectable foods, such as tofu wings, a po boy sandwich, a beet burger, a banh mi sandwich, kimchi fries, curry fritters, and even zesty salads and tomato coconut soup. Ground Control even offers an extensive craft beer, wine, and cocktail menu as well. We know that deciding on what type of food you want to eat can be tricky, so why not try Ground Control’s menu with endless options that are great for everyone and what kind of food they are in the mood for!

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“Great little hip spot for those who are vegetarian or vegan or just like good food and great service.” - Yelp Review

Finding the best vegetarian restaurant in the Windy City can be quite difficult with the amount of options there are. With this list of different vegetarian restaurants to go to, we know that you will have no problem being able to enjoy many different food options that are not only delicious, meat-free, and even healthy! We hope that with this list, you can be one step further to enjoy some delicious vegetarian food in Chicago? Is there a vegetarian restaurant in Chicago that we didn’t mention in this list? Let us know in the comments!


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