Top 5 Foodie-Approved Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Struggling to find the perfect vegan restaurant in the City of Angels? Here is a list of the best vegan restaurants to help your cravings!

Los Angeles, otherwise known as the City of Angels is a popular place to be. With so many people, restaurants, shops, and constant commotion from the traffic nearby, Los Angeles is definitely one of the busiest cities within the United States. We also know that it can be especially hard to pick the perfect restaurant to go to, especially if you’re a vegan. Many restaurants don’t offer vegan options, so sometimes it is easier to find all vegan restaurants, so your choices aren’t limited in what you can indulge in. Well, we’re here to make your problems easier with the top five vegan restaurants in the City of Angels. 

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333 S Alameda Street

Little Tokyo, Downtown

Stop by this upscale Japanese eatery that is popular in Los Angeles and try their signature spicy tofu!

How does some spicy tofu sound to you? Try some today at this popular Japanese joint called Shojin in the City of Angels today! Image courtesy of HappyCow. 

What’s better than Japanese food? Vegan Japanese food! It’s a struggle for lots of vegans to find the perfect vegan Japanese food, but we know with Shojin located in Little Tokyo, you will not be disappointed. Shojin is a “earth-conscious” restaurant, meaning that they use biodegradable and compostable dishes to prevent them from using too much water or dish detergent, and they also use natural and organic ingredients in their dishes.

Shojin is most well known for their spicy tofu, and of course, their delectable sushi that is all vegan. Some of their classic favorite sushi dishes include the Shojin Dynamite Roll, crunchy tiger roll, spicy tuna on crispy rice, a baked scallop roll, and even stuffed shiitake mushrooms. Shojin also offers ramen kits to make your own ramen at home, where you can choose your base, and even add additional toppings as well. Shojin is one of the most popular places in Los Angeles, so why not stop on down today!

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“Phenomenal sushi in the heart of Little Tokyo Mall, with an authentic feel, courteous and attentive staff, and delicious vegan food. This is a very special place perfect for intimate dinners that will impress everyone at the table.” - Yelp Review

Sage Plant Bistro

1700 Sunset Boulevard

Echo Park

The perfect casual lunch spot that is perfect for any day, and serves the best vegan desserts!

Want some delicious vegan food at a casual neighborhood favorite? Check out Sage Plant Based Bistro today in Los Angeles! Image courtesy of Discover Los Angeles.

Want to go to a restaurant that is known for it’s delicious vegan food and its commitment to sustainability?  Well, Sage Plant Bistro is the perfect place for you to go to! Sage Plant Bistro is a neighborhood classic in Echo Park, and it is most popular for its vegan dishes and desserts. Established in 2009, this place has made a name for itself within Los Angeles and uses locally sourced plant based ingredients to create their famous vegan cuisine.

We know you’re dying to know what kind of plant based cuisine that Sage serves, so here’s a list of some of their top dishes! Some of their popular dishes include their famous buffalo cauliflower, street tacos, butternut squash ravioli, and goatless greek salad. Sounds delicious right? Well, what about their desserts? They have lots of sweet treats, such as a brownie sundae, raw chocolate truffles, donuts, and even cheesecake. Stop by Sage Plant Bistro today for some tasty vegan favorites in this local favorite!

“I'm in love with this place. Close, local, intimate, open late, casual and chill. Features all-around vegan and plant-based eats that honestly don't make me miss or feel like I'm missing out on anything.” - Yelp Review


600 S Spring Street


Check out this hip and modern spot for its vegan bar food and cocktails!

Want to stop for a quick bite to eat? How about trying Beelman’s plant based vegan bar food for something tasty! Image courtesy of Postmates.

Are you a fan of bar food, but you’re vegan and not sure where to get it? We found your new favorite restaurant then, a local favorite called Beelman’s! Beelman’s is the perfect go-to for plant based bar food, where they also serve their own craft beer and handmade cocktails. Beelman’s also is known for playing lots of different sports games on the TVs there as you’re enjoying your meal, and they are known for their vegan game day menu on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Now that we got your attention about Beelman’s, we know that you are dying to know what kinds of goodies they sell. Beelman’s has lots of classic bar favorites such as their own impossible burger, hot dogs, pretzels, with spicy mustard, chili, and even avocado toast. They also have their own ice cream sundae that is so sweet and tasty, and just remember, all of these dishes are plant based! Sound good? Make your way to downtown Los Angeles today to try out Beelman’s today!

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“I highly recommend this place (to both vegans and non-vegans) if you're looking for a place to chill, drink, and eat good. I was happy when I walked into the bar, but I left BEAMING (and not because of the alcohol).” - Yelp Review

Elf Cafe

2135 W Sunset Boulevard

Echo Park

Come by this local restaurant with a mediterranean style and all organic and locally sourced food!

We know you’re craving some mediterannean food, but why not try Elf Cafe’s mediteranean style vegan food made with all natural and organic ingredients! Image courtesy of Los Angeles Magazine.

Have you ever heard of a Mediteranean restaurant that is vegan and uses 100% organic and locally sourced food? We definitely think that you should stop by Elf Cafe for some vegan food that you will never forget! With Elf Cafe, they are known for their tiny restaurant with a lot of room for good smelling aromas to fill the area from their very popular food. Elf Cafe has a lot of classic mediteranean food that can be especially healthy for you because of the locally sourced ingredients that they use.

We’re assuming that you’re wondering what kind of food that they sell at Elf Cafe? Well, some of their favorite mediterannean dishes include tandoori oyster mushrooms with raita, seared haloumi with crispy kale, spring lentils with house labneh, and many other favorites! They also have sweet and scrumptious desserts like a salted date chocolate mousse, chocolate swirl cake, and even a polenta cake with fresh strawberries and more! Sounds delicious? Stop by Elf Cafe today for some good food to make you keep coming back for more!

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“Magical little veggie spot on Sunset serving rich flavors for a pretty penny and where vegetables reign supreme.” - Yelp Review

Cruzer Pizza 100% Vegan

5051 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Feliz

Craving pizza? Here is the best vegan pizza in the City of Angels, along with one of the best spaghetti and meatball recipes in town!

What’s better than pizza? Vegan pizza that is and you should try it out today at Cruzer Pizza 100% Vegan for some of the best pizza in Los Angeles! Image courtesy of Cruzer Pizza. 

What’s better than pizza for a quick bite to eat, or even if you’re having people over at your place for a small get together? That’s right, pizza! Pizza is something that many people bond over and trying to find the best pizza in town can be a struggle, especially if you’re looking for vegan pizza. We have found the perfect restaurant for you! Cruzer Pizza serves savory and mouth watering pizza that is 100% vegan, and they are also known for many other italian favorites, such as spaghetti and meatballs, sandwiches, and much more!

At Cruzer Pizza, there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to pizza. From different toppings, to sauces, to crust, Cruzer aims to please it’s customers with lots of different delicious flavors. Some of their most popular pizzas include pesto pizza, hawaiian pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and even vegan BBQ pizza. They also have other options for people who would want pasta, such as spaghetti and meatballs, chicken pesto pasta, and they even have sandwiches, like the Cruzer burger, and a vegan Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Does Cruzer Pizza sound right for you? Stop by today for some delicious pizza flavors that will make your mouth water just thinking about it!

“Cruzer is a great place for pick up or casual dine-in, I love taking friends from out of town here because they're so blown away by the big menu, classic pizza parlor atmosphere, and all the vegan love in the air.” - Yelp Review

Are you hungry for some of the most delicious vegan food in Los Angeles? We know that we are! We hope that we were able to help your decision process go a lot faster with the top five vegan restaurants in the City of Angels, and make you hungry to go try them! Is there a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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