Online Underwear Shopping Tips Everyone Should Know

While many people think it is underwear and it doesn’t matter, it does. Paying attention to the details of underwear is essential for both hygiene and stylish reasons alike.

If there is one thing that absolutely everybody has in their wardrobe, it is underwear. They not only help provide protection but comfort as well.

However, it is essential to realize that not all underwear is created equally. In fact, there is a range of things to consider when shopping for lingerie. From understanding the materials you need to look after your skin to choosing sizes that best flatter your body, many factors go into buying underwear.

While many people think it is underwear and it doesn’t matter, it does. Paying attention to the details of underwear is essential for both hygiene and stylish reasons alike.

If you do not pay attention to the details of your underwear, you could ruin your entire outfit too.

This is why if you want to shop for them online, you should certainly consider these top tips to purchase the best ones for you confidently.

We have rounded up the top tips for confidently purchasing your underwear online.

1. Know Your Body Type

First, you want to understand your body type and shop with that in mind. Different styles of underwear will fit body types differently. So you want to shop with your specific body type in mind. Don’t try to buy underwear based on what the model looks like online or what you wish your body looked like. Instead, buy for your specific body, and you will get the most flattering results.

Here is an excellent example of this. When you choose underwear that is balanced with your body type, you will help show off all your curves in the best way possible. This means that if you have a bigger belly, you can get high-waisted underwear with a higher waistband for more comfort. Or, if you have a larger backside, boy short-style underwear may fit you best.

2. Keep Fabric in Mind

While you can not test the fabric if you are shopping for underwear online, you should research the fabric as much as possible. This means you should first understand your body type and what is and is not comfortable.

The last thing you want to have to happen is that the underwear fabric ends up giving you an uncomfortable rash or something. So instead, pick a fabric that will make wearing underwear as comfortable as possible. In general, cotton tends to be one of the best types of fabric from a comfort standpoint.

This is because the cotton fabric is easy to clean and absorbs sweat and body odor the best. This also means you will not feel hot and bothered in cotton underwear.

Of course, cotton is not the only material that is good for underwear. It comes down to the occasion and outfits you plan to wear your underwear with, which will ultimately determine the best undies to buy online.

3. Know Your Size

Another great tip to remember when shopping online is that different brands have different sizes for underwear. This means that just because you are a size small with one brand does not mean you will be that exact size with another. You will likely be a different size with every brand.

One of the best ways to ensure you purchase the correct size is by looking at the sizing charts and going off of exact measurements rather than sizes. This will give you the confidence to buy underwear that will fit you just right.

4. Understand the Return Policy

While most things you buy online can be returned, underwear is one of those weird ones that is hit or miss depending on the company you are buying from.

If you are second-guessing your purchase or unsure if you want the underwear, you will want to read the return policy in detail and ensure that you can return it if you do not like it or it does not fit. This will prevent a lot of hassle, or you will end up with a collection of underwear you never actually wear.

5. Like the Design

Even if you are not fussed with your underwear, you still want to at least like the design. This will simply boost your happiness and confidence throughout the day. Trust us, research has proven this! So a great tip for shopping online for underwear is to look at all the different designs and pick the ones that, indeed are your favorite.


Shopping for underwear online is easy when you follow these five tips. From researching the return policy to the fabric type, you can confidently get great underwear in just a few clicks online.

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