How to Spend the Day in Bloomfield Like a Local

February 20, 2019
Culture & Art
jason wolfe
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If you’re someone who likes to experience the heart of a city when going there, you’re going to want to check out Bloomfield on your next trip to Pittsburgh.

A true Pittsburgh neighborhood, Bloomfield is named after George Washington who wrote about the region’s “many blooms”.

Also known as Pittsburgh’s Little Italy, the neighborhood has strong Italian roots that contrast the city’s other Polish or Jewish neighborhoods. The neighborhood mostly consists of row homes, but is marked by two business districts along on Liberty and Penn Avenues with plenty of shops and restaurants for you to spend the day exploring.

Local Bloomfield Scenery
There’s always something to discover in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. Photo taken by Tracy Certo and taken from Pittsburgh Next webpage

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Groceria Italiana

Groceria Italiana

It doesn’t get more down home and Italian than the Groceria Italiana in Bloomfield. Photo taken from Groceria Italiana’s Facebook page


location icon

237 Cedarville St

clock icon

Mon-Sat 9AM - 5PM
Sun Closed

Famous for its homemade Italian cuisine and family style warmth, the Groceria Italiana is an iconic institution in Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.

“The staff make you feel like family on each visit. Everything is always fresh and just all around perfect.” - Yelp Review

Still owned and operated by the Luvara family of Bloomfield, get an opportunity to the most authentic handmade Italian food you’re going to find this far from the motherland.

If you’re craving that cooking only your Nonna could manage, definitely check this place out. It may not be your Nonna, but we believe all food prepared by by a Nonna is created equal.

Merante Gifts

Merante Gifts
Find the perfect gift for loved ones who are looking for a little piece of Italy. Whether you’re Italian or not, you’ll find something truly special at Merante. Photo from Merante Gifts’ Facebook


location icon

4723 Liberty Avenue

clock icon

Tue-Sat 10AM - 4PM
Sun-Mon Closed

If you’re looking for a piece of Italy but can’t afford the plane ticket, you’re going to want to check out Merante Gifts.

“I love this little neighborhood shop. I'm often reminded of my Nana's house when shopping here. The cookies really are to die for.” - Yelp Review

From cookies to pasta to table settings and gift baskets you’re sure to find something to take away as a perfect reminder of your time in Pittsburgh.

Looking for a way to spend the day? Merante also offers italian cooking classes! An incredible one stop shop for everything Italian in the heart of Pittsburgh!

Clothes Minded

Clothes Minded
Looking for that next interesting piece to add to your wardrobe? Look no further than the streets of Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. Photo from Clothes Minded Yelp


location icon

4740 Liberty Ave

clock icon

Mon-Sat 12PM - 8PM
Sun 12PM - 5PM

Not looking for something quite as Italian? That’s fine! We’ve got a great little consignment shop for you right on Liberty.

“awesome place! the owner is super cool. I have bought and sold here...Also make sure to follow the shop on instagram!” - Yelp Review

Clothes Minded is the perfect stop for the next interesting piece you need in your wardrobe.

Be sure to check them out regularly to see what they have because their selection changes seasonally, and nothing there lasts for very long! Be sure to stop by before someone else gets all the good stuff!

The Big Idea Bookstore

Big Idea Bookstore
The politically active bookworm is sure to find something interesting at the Big Idea Bookstore. Photo from The Big Idea Bookstore


location icon

4812 Liberty Ave

clock icon

Mon 11AM - 9PM
Tue 11AM - 5PM
Wed-Fri 11AM - 9PM
Sat-Sun 11AM - 7PM

A radical little book store nestled in the heart of Bloomfield, the Big Idea Bookstore is an interesting shop full of books, patches, pins and ideas located right on Liberty.

“I love the idea and execution of this bookstore, and I can't wait to support them more now that I've seen how great they are!” - Yelp Review

The Bookstore is an antiprofit radical meeting house and coffee shop that sources everything it offers from local, organize, fair trade and seasonal providers whenever possible. Check out the space during your next day trip to Bloomfield.

Bread and Salt Bakery

Bread and Salt Bakery

The perfect stop for all those cravings we’re sure you’re going to have walking around Pittsburgh’s Little Italy. Photo taken from Bread and Salt Bakery’s Yelp page


location icon

330 Pearl St

clock icon

Thu-Fri 11AM - 7PM
Sat 8AM - 4PM
Sun-Wed Closed

This little gem in the heart of Bloomfield is probably one of Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets.

“"mmmmm nom nom nom, what's that flavor? oh, it's EXCELLENCE." -me, after every visit to Bread and Salt” - Yelp Review

Well, not that well kept. The New York Times did hear of it. But it’s still the best!

Order some delicious bread or some fantastic slices of pizza by the pound. The Bread and Salt Bakery is just what you need to round out a perfect day exploring the Little Italy of Pittsburgh!

4121 Main

4121 Main
It’s a coffee shop! It’s an art gallery! It’s a florist! Photo from 4121 Main


location icon

4121 Main St.

clock icon

Fri-Sun 9AM - 5PM
Mon-Thu Closed

We’re starting to think there’s zoning laws in Bloomfield preventing any business from not having a small cafe.

“Each floral arrangement I've purchased or received from 4121 has been whimsical and unique! the shop is tiny and charming; the coffee and local treats are lovely.” - Yelp Review

Don’t get us wrong though, we love it! 4121 Main is perfect for wedding shoppers and those in need of a pick me up alike.

With beautiful floral arrangements and art installments, this place has a charming and magical atmosphere for you and your companions to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while exploring Bloomfield.


Brillo Box
A charming stop on your tour of Bloomfield. A combination bar and restaurant that’s sure to be the setting of an interesting memory during your stay in Pittsburgh. Photo from Brillobox Yelp


location icon

4104 Penn Ave

clock icon

Tue-Sat 5PM - 2AM
Sun 10AM - 3PM; 5PM - 2AM
Mon Closed

Combining the fine dining experience that can be found in high end restaurants with the welcoming environment of a local bar, Brillobox sits between masterful cuisine and small town watering hole.

“They do a lot of different events up there from comedy to music to dancing, so you're never bored! Love this place!” - Yelp Review

No matter when you go, you’re sure to have a memorable experience at Brillobox. Make sure it’s on your list of stops when touring Bloomfield because you’re not going to want to miss out on this experience.

This has been our guide to spending the perfect day in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. Be sure to check out each of these businesses on you next tour of Little Italy, and don’t forget to check out GiftYa personalized gift cards so you can give the gift of Bloomfield to someone special in your life!

Don’t see a Bloomfield business you know everyone would love? Let us know so we can tell the world!


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