GoWonder Investment & Step Backwards - 2017

January 25, 2019
jason wolfe

While being rejected by Visa, we discovered that GoWonder, aka Wonder Technologies were approved by Visa to do our very model.

We invested $2M into GoWonder with the idea that they would power GiftYa.

GoWonder logo

We were excited again, because we thought we found a partner to power us.  

We invested several months with GoWonder at their LA office, and with their team, integrating GiftYa with GoWonder.

Another step backward, and a return to square one

Then, we got the news…news we didn’t know we would get--Visa advised Gowonder that they were not approved to ‘power’ GiftYa.  

Another step backward, and a return to square one. The team I built started to disband with frustration.  Then, we lost our main product manager, and we tabled GiftYa again (with weekly emails and calls to Visa trying to get approved).