Forget Only Seeing One Or Two Vegan Options on a Menu at These Vegan Restaurants Around New York City

January 13, 2021
jason wolfe
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If there’s one thing we know about vegan food, it’s that the process of finding a restaurant that ticks all of your boxes is usually hit or miss. Most people tend to operate by word-of-mouth recommendations, and that’s perfectly fine, but if you’re in a bind and need a quick answer for which restaurants will give you all the delicious and environmentally conscious food your little vegan heart could ask for, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best vegan restaurants you can find throughout all of New York City.

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Seasoned Vegan

Indulging in comfort food shouldn’t have to cross the boundaries of your diet. Image courtesy of Seasoned Vegan Instagram

55 Saint Nicholas Ave | Harlem |

Whoever first implied that vegan food can’t be just as much of a delicious guilty pleasure as any other food including dairy and other animal products couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Not only will you be supporting a black-owned business when you stop in to Seasoned Vegan in Harlem, but you’ll also be placing some of the most delicious vegan dishes in the city directly in your mouth.

As the flagship restaurant and home base of Seasoned Vegan food featured all over America, if you’re looking for the full experience when it comes to enjoying comfort food made vegan style, this should absolutely be your go-to.

Regulars rave about their vegan mac n’ cheese, as well as the laid back, cozy ambiance they’ve provided to the restaurant to really drive home that theme of homemade comfiness in every single minute (and bite) you experience there.

“You'll find nothing short of everything foodie Light & Love when you visit Seasoned Vegan. This charming & inviting full service restaurant gives off a cozy cafe ambience while you anxiously wait for the highly popular Vegan food in East Harlem.” - Yelp Review

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Peacefood Cafe

Fresh ingredients are what really take the fresh and funky recipes at Peacefood Cafe to the next level. Image courtesy of Peacefood Cafe Instagram

460 Amsterdam Ave | Upper West Side |

People have all kinds of different reasons for going vegan: a feeling of moral responsibility to our animal neighbors, a valiant attempt at helping the environment by reducing their personal carbon footprint, and even just for their own general well-being. 

And it makes sense! Vegan food (food made entirely of plant-based ingredients) offers up health benefits that many non-vegan options lack - and particularly for people who have food allergies to things like gluten and dairy.

This diet isn’t without its flaws in nutritional value, however, and that’s why you’ll find the menu at Peacefood Cafe taking new, bold and creative approaches to traditional vegan dishes to create meals that are packed with flavor and total nutritional value.

Here at Peacefood Cafe, it’s actually their philosophy that peace begins with whatever you put on your plate. Through their delicious vegan food, they hope to slowly be able to change the world by helping individuals feel as much inner peace as possible when they eat good food.

“Drooling emoji all the way! This is the best vegan food in the upper west side. I would move to this neighborhood just to get this food every day. The chicken fingers, burgers and nachos taste like the real deal!” - Yelp Review

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Red Bamboo

Who said you can’t make vegan sliders? Enjoy these tasty babies that are packed with both flavor and protein. Image courtesy of Red Bamboo Instagram

140 W 4th St | Greenwich Village |

When many people think about vegan food, they think that the options for truly delicious dishes must be incredibly limited because of how limited the options for ingredients can be when it comes to vegan fare.In our very objective opinion, however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Different cultures around the world have been making principles of veganism an inherent part of their cuisine for centuries - and perhaps even millenia - now. Consider the philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism - all of which prohibit the killing or harm of any living thing (re: animals or other people) at the hands of a person.

It should come as no surprise, then, that you can find vegan meals featuring flavors from all around the world when you stop into the historic Greenwich Village’s Red Bamboo. Using ingredients like mock meat and seafood, they’ve even been able to put together vegan dishes so delicious you wouldn’t even know they’re vegan!

“If I were rich and did not cook a day in my life, I would eat here everyday. I highly recommend this place for vegans and non-vegans! My friends aren't vegans either and they loved it.” - Yelp Review

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Champs Diner

With the reputation barbeque sauce has for being slathered on meat, you might wonder what place it has at a vegan restaurant - but just wait until you try this vegan barbecue sandwich!. Image courtesy of Champs Diner Instagram

197 Meserole St | East Williamsburg |

Recently vegan and still missing some of those dishes you could easily enjoy anytime you went out to eat? Here at Champs Diner, you’ll never have to worry that the vegan version of some of your non-vegan favorites will never come close.

From mac n’ cheese to veggie burgers to “milk”shakes, Champs Diner is your go-to place for your favorite classic diner food on a menu that is entirely vegan! Settle into one of their booths or even one of the bar stools up near the counter because - that’s right - they really are a diner through and through.

Don’t let the popularity of this place deter you - it’s popular for a reason. Put your name on their Yelp waitlist to make sure you have a seat available at some point and walk around the neighborhood while you wait for it to be ready for you!

“Often when people try vegan food, it feels like a compromise of being "close enough" to the real thing. None of that here, this is the real thing in its own right.” - Yelp Review

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Franchia Vegan Cafe

Who knew that many Korean recipes come with a built-in design for vegans? Image courtesy of Franchia Vegan Cafe Instagram.

12 Park Ave | Murray Hill |

Sometimes the greatest delights come about as a complete surprise. At first glance, you might find yourself wondering just what kind of cuisine you’ll find when you walk through the front doors at Franchia Vegan Cafe - French or maybe Italian?

In fact, Franchia Cafe is home to Asian fusion cuisine - and the best part is that everything on the menu is entirely vegan, so you can enjoy it guilt-free! Whether you’re looking for dumplings or even just some delicious homemade ramen, they’ve got dishes inspired by cuisine from all around Asia.

Even more appealing? They really try to make you feel like you’ve been immersed in Asian culture by including decor hailing primarily from Korea and offering you lots and lots of tea (as well as background on that tea).

“I can not stop ordering from here!! This place is probably one of the best places in the area of Midtown! Anything you order will be mind blowing, delicious, and incredibly tasteful! From the soups, noodles and sushi!” - Yelp Review

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Beyond Sushi

Sushi is probably the last cuisine you’d expect to have options for vegans, but here at Beyond Sushi, they’re busting down the boundaries of everything you ever thought was possible. Image courtesy of Beyond Sushi Instagram

229 E 14th St | Gramercy |

While we’re on the subject of Asian cuisine, we think you’ll probably be interested to know that there’s one vegan restaurant in New York City that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before: Beyond Sushi.

Normally when you picture sushi, you’ve probably got an image in your mind of raw seafood wrapped in rice and seaweed - which is decidedly not vegan. Here at Beyond Sushi, however, they take everything that you think you already know about sushi and flip it on its head.

Not only is the entire menu at this restaurant vegan, but they haven’t even actually veered away from traditional sushi all that much either. Where you’d normally find ingredients like rice and seaweed and perhaps a few veggies (think cucumber), you can still find them featured prominently.

The only real difference in this sushi is that they’ve cut out all of the ingredients that might bring about harm to ocean life or perhaps cause you an allergic reaction and instead replaced them with other vegetables or legumes that are equally as delicious!

“The Spicy Mango Sushi Roll tastes identical to a spicy tuna roll. If not better. I've been vegan for 6 months and I do miss fish, especially sushi. Beyond Sushi blows any other sushi restaurant (vegan or not) out of the park!!!!” - Yelp Review

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Keeping up a vegan diet isn’t all that difficult when you know what to look for. That being said, sometimes you don’t want to have to check if a restaurant can make you more than two items - you just want to be able to go and enjoy. Let us know which restaurant exceeded your expectations in the comments below!


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