Enjoy A Delicious Meal At One Of These Restaurants In Rio Las Vegas

January 7, 2021
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Las Vegas is about to show you a good time, especially when it comes to your taste buds. Rio has some of the most thrilling restaurants around, so get ready for a meal that’ll be the highlight of your week. There are an assortment of cuisines to choose from so you’re sure to find that restaurant that’s serving what you crave. All these restaurants are near Rio, which is in a great location for you to enjoy some nightlife after your meal. All around, these restaurants are guaranteed to give you and a group of friends a great time! 

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Ping Pang Pong

This is the place to go when you’re in the mood for dim sum

Ping Pang Pong has an upscale and comfortable dining area that will put anyone in the mood to eat an expertly prepared meal. Image courtesy of Ping Pang Pong’s website.

4000 W Flamingo Rd. | Rio | goldcoastcasino.com 

Ping Pang Pong is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area! Especially if you’re craving some dim sum (their speciality!), you’ll want to head over to this elegant restaurant. The decor in the dining area is fun as well as comfortable. Their menu is crammed full of everyone’s favorites dishes. They have noodles, rice, vegetables, as well as a variety of proteins such as beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Ping Pang Pong also has vegetarian options with tofu substitutes. Stop by for lunch for their unforgettable dim sum experience.  

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“The best authentic chinese restaurant in vegas and best i've been to in the US. Not enough positive words in the dictionary to describe their food and service…” - Yelp Review


Rollin Smoke Barbecue

Get a hearty meal of your favorite meats perfectly barbecued 

Settle in at Rollin Smoke Barbecue and enjoy a meal complete with everything you love about a barbecue. They have everything from ribs to brisket. Image courtesy of Rollin Smoke Barbecue’s Facebook

3185 Highland Dr. | Rio | rollinsmokebarbeque.com 

Rollin Smoke Barbecue is an expert on preparing meat the southern way. One look at their menu will tell you this restaurant is a meat lover’s paradise. Order a BBQ sandwich stuffed with your favorite fillings, such as pulled pork, beef hot dog, and smoked chicken. You can’t miss out on ordering from their racks and birds side of the menu. To complete the meal, make sure you order one or a few of their smokin sides, such as their corn nuggets, waffle fries, or loaded mash. Finish up your meal here by catering to your sweet tooth with a dessert. 

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“WOW WOW WOW… I was blown away at how good and delicious it was. The RIB PLATTER SPECIAL $28 was out of this world. Hot, juicy and honestly nearly fall off the bone tender… The flavors were perfect and their own BBQ sauce really complemented the whole bite…” - Yelp Review

Little Italy Pizza

Pizza isn’t their only speciality, but Philly steaks and cheese burgers too 

Everyone who comes to Little Italy Pizza is blown away by the amazing flavors! Their menu has so much for you to choose from too. Image courtesy of Little Italy Pizza’ website.  

3711 S Valley View Blvd. | Chinatown | littleitalypizzalv.com 

When you find a really good pizza place, you don’t want to let it go! Little Italy Pizza will be your go-to place after your first visit; how can it not when the pizzas here taste so good? Try one of their speciality pizzas, such as the buffalo chicken pizza. If you’re in the mood for something else, check out their pasta, subs, and burgers menu. Their philly steaks are another big hit at this venue, stuffed with meat, cheese, and the optional mushrooms, onion, and green pepper. If none of these menu items are your craving, they still have more options such as seafood, gyro, and salads. 

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“Recently my hubby ordered meat lovers pizza. It was huge & delicious. Chicken wings with fries simply finger licking with homemade ranch sauce. Philly steaks are amazing as well. Highly recommended to all…” - Yelp Review

Umiya Sushi

Come by for the exceptionally good selection of sushi 

Umiya Sushi’s restaurant is sleek and elegant, making for a pleasant dining experience! The food you order will never disappoint. Image courtesy of Umiya Sushi’s Facebook

4465 W Flamingo Rd. | Rio | umiyalv.com 

This place specializes in sushi, so you know it’ll be good. Umiya Sushi serves high quality sushi in an all-you-can-eat fashion so you’ll always leave satisfied and full. You’ll love the taste of their fresh and expertly prepared seafood and sushi so that this venue will become a favorite like it has become for so many others! You can start off with some appetizers like vegetable egg rolls and fried gyoza. Try their sashimi, they have both plain and special types. There are so many rolls to choose from, from fresh, to baked, to tempura. This restaurant can’t disappoint! 

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“I have been to almost every sushi restaurant in Las Vegas from really sub par to high end and what I can say is Umiya is the best hands down! The Sushi is extremely fresh… the fish just literally melts in your mouth and taste super creamy!…” - Yelp Review

Blackout Dining In The Dark

Make eating a little more eventful in this pitch black dining area

Have a memorable meal by ordering a delicious course of foods in this restaurant’s completely dark dining area. Image courtesy of Blackout Dining In The Dark’s Facebook

3871 S Valley View Blvd. | Rio | dineblackout.com  

If you’re looking for both an amazing meal and a fun experience, you have to go to Blackout Dining In The Dark. It’s exactly how it sounds: you’ll be led into a dining area that is pitch black that your eyes will never adjust to! You’ll then be served high end food that you can’t see but tastes amazing! Order a wine or signature cocktail to go with your courses of soup, appetizers, salad, entree, and dessert. You may find it relaxing, or hilarious, or just something interesting to try. Either way, it’s sure to be a meal you won’t forget! 

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“This is something I will never forget! It's a whole experience, there's no way to really describe how amazing this is. The food was delicious, the waiter was friendly and fun, and it really is pitch black in there. I would love to do it again sometime!” - Yelp Review


Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Relax with a beer and a meal packed with amazing Mexican flavors

Wahoo’s Fish Taco has the perfect casual atmosphere for relaxing and having a good time with friends and family. Image courtesy of Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s Facebook.  

3891W W Flamingo Rd. | Rio | wahoos.com 

Wahoo’s Fish Taco is the restaurant to visit when you’re looking for a fun and casual dining experience that’s made even better with drinks and a delicious selection of dishes. You;ll find a selection of Mexican cuisine with a mix of Asian and Brazilian flavors. Try some popular dishes such as the Maui steak bowl or the Wahoo’s Bowl filled with rice, beans, salsa, and your choice of protein. They also have amazing choices when it comes to burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and soups. This venue is also great for kids who can order from the kid’s menu. 

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“My goodness this place was delicious! The fish was cooked perfectly and so wonderfully flavorful… the quality of ingredients is well worth it. No frozen tasting junk here. It is highly craveable and I'll definitely be rewarding here again.” - Yelp Review

Rio is surrounded by so many great venues to eat at. There are high end restaurants that have elegant dining areas and restaurants that offer fun and casual dining experiences. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it has a great quality of food. The meals you can get at these venues are expertly prepared and will make your trip out to Rio perfect! Once you come to Las Vegas, make sure you don’t miss out on these unforgettable dining experiences!


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