Checking Out East Sacramento? Try Out the Top 7 Restaurants in the Area

December 14, 2021
Food & Drink
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Are you someone who is looking forward to their trip to Sacramento? Well, whenever you get there, a hot spot that you have to visit is East Sacramento! East Sacramento is known for being a suburbia with leaf-covered streets and recreational parks as well. It is also known for its restaurant scene, breweries, artisan coffee shops and more. If you’re looking for a bite to eat in the middle of all of your exploring though, make sure to check out our top seven favorite restaurants in East Sacramento today!

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Selland’s Market-Cafe

A cafe serving American-fare food, baked goods, and more is just what you need!

Check out Selland’s Market-Cafe if you’re looking for a delicious sandwich, baked goods, and more! Image courtesy of Selland’s Market-Cafe.

5340 H Street | East Sacramento |

Are you looking for the best restaurant that serves some of the best salads, sandwiches, other American-fare dishes, and even baked goods? Make sure to check out Selland’s Market-Cafe right now to try out their amazing food, and even enjoy the cute, and laid-back atmosphere too!

If you are interested, you need to try out the crab cakes, chicken breasts, BBQ brisket sandwiches, mushroom chicken, carnitas sandwich, teriyaki chicken, pasta salad, curry chicken salad, and much more. We think that Selland’s Market-Cafe is the perfect place to go to, so make sure to make a pit stop to it today!

“We went for brunch and I got the French toast casserole. So good! Get a pitcher of Sangria, I promise you won't regret it!” - Yelp Review 

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Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe

If you’re looking for some of the best Mexican food, make sure to check this place out!

If you are craving nothing more than some Mexican food, then make sure to check out Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe right now! Image courtesy of The Sacramento Bee. 

5530 H Street | East Sacramento |

Sometimes there is nothing better than a good breakfast burrito or Mexican dish. If this is just what you’re looking for, make sure to check out Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe right now! This cozy cafe is perfect for any occasion and they serve some of the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner Mexican dishes as well.

Come to Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe right now and try out their breakfast burrito, tamale bowl, huevos rancheros, polenta breakfast, chile colorado, scrambled eggs, chicken burritos, and much more. You don’t want to miss out on Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe, so make sure to stop by today!

“My new favorite breakfast spot in Sacramento. I work night shifts at a hospital nearby and this place hits the spot after working a long and tiring shift.” - Yelp Review

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Origami Asian Grill

Get a hint of some of the best Asian cuisine in East Sacramento today!

Are you looking for some amazing Asian cuisine in East Sacramento? Make sure to stop by the Origami Asian Grill! Image courtesy of Sacramento Vegan. 

4801 Folsom Boulevard | East Sacramento |

Are you a huge fan of Asian cuisine? If so, then you need to check out Origami Asian Grill as soon as you can! This amazing place offers a wide variety of Asian cuisine, primarily focusing on Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai cultures, offering a range of flavors and spices to really make each dish unique. 

Stop at the Origami Asian Grill and try out fried chicken, pork belly, rice bowls, cold noodle salad, banh mi sandwich, ramen bowls, pork shoyu ramen, sunomono cucumber salad, and lots more. You can’t miss out on the Origami Asian Grill, so make sure to stop by and give them a go!

“Origami is a healthy fast casual restaurant to grab some Asian fusion food. Main offering is a build your own rice or ramen bowl. You choose the carb base, sauce, veggies, and optional protein.” - Yelp Review 

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Mimosa House

Get yourself a mimosa or two and enjoy some delicious food with some large portions too!

Are you interested in checking out Mimosa House? Stop by today for a mimosa and amazing breakfast options! Image courtesy of DoorDash. 

5641 J Street | East Sacramento |

Breakfast is the best way to start off the day, so we think that you need to check out the Mimosa House right now! The Mimosa House is perfect because not only do they serve some of the best breakfast options in all of East Sacramento, but they also have some of the best mimosas around that you just have to try.

Come to the Mimosa House right now to explore their delicious menu with options such as french toast, chicken fried steak, Maui french toast, breakfast sandwiches, crab benedicts, salmon benedicts, chilaquiles, and much more. Check out the Mimosa House right now and try out some of their amazing mimosas today!

“Was looking for somewhere out of our area to take my sister for her birthday. Came across this gem & I can say, we will be back!” - Yelp Review 

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The Shack

Burgers, Sandwiches, and everything nice at this restaurant in East Sacramento!

Are you craving something delicious? Come to The Shack where you will certainly fill up on tasty food! Image courtesy of East Sac Shack. 

5201 Folsom Boulevard | East Sacramento |

Are you interested in some amazing burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and much more right in East Sacramento? If so, then you need to check out The Shack right now for some amazing food and more! This is the place to go if you’re just looking to hangout  with some friends and have a bite to eat with a couple drinks too.

Come to The Shack right now to try out everything from steak sandwiches, cajun bacon blue burgers, the nutty burger, Shack burgers, turkey bacon sandwiches, fish and chips, and lots of other incredible dishes that you just have to try out for yourself. Don’t pass up The Shack and make sure to check it out right now!

“One of my go-to spots...always a toss up between the fish and chips (Friday menu), the pastrami sandwich,  or the reuben...all delicious, great choice of beers!” - Yelp Review 

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Stop here for the best Latin breakfast or lunch options that you will love!

Looking for an amazing breakfast? Don’t miss out on Orphan, a fun Latin breakfast house in East Sacramento! Image courtesy of DoorDash. 

3440 C Street | East Sacramento |

Are you looking for the best place to get breakfast in East Sacramento? We think that if you are, you need to make your way over to Orphan right now, a fun little Latin breakfast house that you will love! At Orphan, you can enjoy their amazing breakfast and lunch menu, along with enjoying outdoor seating, and excellent service.

Make sure to come to Orphan right now to try out their avocado scramble, french toast, roast beef, tamales, soy chorizo breakfast, breakfast burritos, plantas verdes, an artichoke scramble, rosemary breakfast, peso scramble, and so much more. With so many incredible choices when it comes to food, make sure to hit up Orphan as soon as possible!

“This place has amazing both indoor and outdoor seating. Excellent friendly service! The food here is top-notch, with great flavors!” - Yelp Review

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La Trattoria Bohemia

Interested in some delicious Czech food? Come check out this restaurant now!

Have you ever tried out Czech food before? If you haven’t, you’re definitely missing out, so come to La Trattoria Bohemia! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

3649 J Street | East Sacramento |

Are you looking for something new to go to? If so, then you need to check out La Trattoria Bohemia as soon as possible! This amazing restaurant serves some of the best Czech food out there that you really can’t pass up and it is among the best in all of East Sacramento too.

Stop by La Trattoria Bohemia right now to try out the chicken paprikash, beef goulash, smoked salmon pizza, bavarian goulash, pork schnitzels, pork scallopini, chicken schnitzels, and lots of other delicious dishes. Don’t miss out on La Trattoria Bohemia, so make sure to give them a try now!

“If you're looking for legit European style food, this is the place! It's labeled as Italian and Czech but has flavors from all over Europe that even remind me of Germany.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a gift card for La Trattoria Bohemia

The great thing about East Sacramento is just how big and amazing the restaurant scene is. With so many incredible restaurants to go to, make sure to check out our seven favorite restaurants right now!

Is there a restaurant in East Sacramento that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comment below!


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