8 Top Places to Eat in New York When Going Gluten-free

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Baltimore's got its fair share of great places to eat, but the seafood in the area ranks as some of the east coast's best.

New York City is a food lover’s paradise. Almost every street is lined with restaurants that offer food from all over the globe. Name any local or foreign dish you would like to eat, and you will definitely find it in New York.

Celiacs often struggle to find good restaurants. When you can’t eat gluten, your restaurant choices tend to shrink. But not in New York!

Being one of the top gluten-free destinations, there are plenty of options for celiacs. From wholesome breakfasts to delectable dinners, here are the top places to eat in New York when going gluten-free.

  1. Senza Gluten

If you are in New York and want to eat at a completely gluten-free restaurant, head over to Sullivan Street in Lower Manhattan and find Senza Gluten. Indulge in all the delicious flavors of Italian food without having to deal with gluten.

Jemiko Solo, their Georgian chef, empathized with his celiac friends. Starting off with making gluten-free Italian favorites for his friends, he later opened Senza Gluten.

Those who can’t eat gluten will be delighted by the wide range of options they will find in this restaurant. Some customer favorites include their lasagna, pasta, and their mouthwatering tiramisu.

This cozy joint in Greenwich Village is heaven for celiacs. From brunch to dinner, you won’t regret eating here. They also have many plant-based options for our vegan friends.

Do you love baked goods? Their second outlet is also in Sullivan Street, but it is a cafe and bakery. They offer an excellent breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu, filled with numerous gluten-free baked options. Their chef’s favorite cheese bread is a must-try!

  1. Modern Bread and Bagel

Not being able to eat bread is one of the biggest challenges that people living with celiac disease face. Eating high fiber gluten free bread is perfect for replacing regular bread.

If you want to try some delicious gluten-free bread, bagels, and other baked goods while in New York, you must visit Modern Bread and Bagel. Their cream cheese-slathered bagels will send you over the moon!

Made from ancient grains, these bagels are completely free of gluten. The bagels are the closest you can get to regular ones.

They also offer a unique range of baked goods like double chocolate zucchini bread or cinnamon babkas. You will also find a whole list of regular baked goods like cakes and cookies. Even though every baked item is gluten-free, you will find it difficult to spot the difference!

  1. Friedman’s

If you are craving some gluten-free American classics, head over to your nearest Friedman's. With nine different venues in New York City, you are bound to find one close by.

Finding restaurants that are good and child-friendly can be difficult. If you are looking for one that serves all your celiac child's favorite local items such as pancakes and fried chicken, visit Friedman’s.

Each venue serves its own assortment of dishes, but you will find pancakes, french toast, and BLTs in all of them! If you are looking for wholesome gluten-free American cuisine that doesn’t taste gluten-free, consider making Friedman’s a staple.

Friedman’s menu has a refreshing balance of healthy items and comforting favorites. You will find tasty salads like salmon bowls and rich desserts like dairy-free cheesecake. Delicious mains like brick chicken and roasted salmon are bound to satiate your cravings.

  1. Risotteria Melotti

As one can never have enough Italian food, we added another restaurant to our gluten-free list. If you are craving some risotto that tastes as authentic as it can get, you must visit Risotteria Melotti.

Part of a franchise that originated in Italy, their New York branch is the first one that is outside the country. This petite restaurant can house about thirty people and has an intimate setting.

While choosing from the menu, you must remember this quote. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So while you are in Risotteria Melotti, you must taste their risotto!

Rice is a gluten-free grain. The restaurant owners are in the rice-growing business, so be ready to taste some delicious rice in the risotto.

They also have some delicious antipasto to work up your appetite before you taste their exquisite risotto. Their menu includes most Italian desserts you can dream of, so rest assured that your sweet cravings will be met.

  1. Noglu

How can we skip French food while in New York? When going gluten-free in the city, visit Noglu—you won’t be disappointed! Noglu is yet another import from Europe, with two more locations in Paris.

This restaurant is a gluten-free bakery, which serves all your favorite French pastries. Whether you love eclairs or quiche, you will find it at Noglu. You can dine in to enjoy any delicious item from their breakfast and lunch menu. Their apple and lemon tarts are to die for!

Noglu doesn’t go overboard with anything. Both their food and interiors are minimalistic, yet you will absolutely love their decadent dishes. If you are looking for a casual brunch restaurant with a cozy ambiance, Noglu is your perfect choice.

From croissants to brioche buns, their baked items taste quintessentially French yet are completely gluten-free. They also sell gluten-free bread mix, pancake mix, and other celiac-friendly items that you can make at home.

  1. Nami Nori

It is difficult to find a cozy, small-town dining experience in The Village, especially when it comes to Japanese food. Most high-end Japanese joints tend to be stuffy, but Nami Nori is different. Situated in the West Village, Nami Nori will give you a fun and delicious dining experience.

This gluten-free Japanese-inspired restaurant serves that fusion taco-like open Temaki sushi you see all over the Internet these days.

Choose any of their signature “Temaki tacos” without regret or try making your own combo. Don’t worry if you are both gluten-free and vegan, because they also have vegan Temaki sets. Try furikake fries, blistered shishito peppers, or any other adventurous starters they have.

Their sake selection will also blow you away. If you want a boozy delight, try their inspired ‘Matcharita’ or skip the alcohol and stick to their classic matcha latte. Nami Nori is truly a delightful gluten-free experience.

  1. Lilli and Loo

Looking for the best Pan-Asian restaurant that has a range of gluten-free options? You must consider visiting Lilli and Loo on the Upper East Side.

While most Asian cuisine is not exactly celiac-friendly, this restaurant begs to differ. Their gluten-free menu has plenty of choices, including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and other Pan-Asian cuisines.

Given the location, the food is comparatively more reasonable than other gluten-friendly joints. Most customers love their fresh salads and Saigon rolls. The dumplings are made of gluten-free shells, and the sushi is served with gluten-free soy sauce. If you don’t want to eat white rice in your sushi, you have the option to choose brown.

Not only are they celiac-friendly, but they also have plenty of plant-based options. The next time you crave some tantalizing pad Thai noodles or wholesome pork dumplings, pay Lilli and Loo a visit.

  1. Bar Verde

We are ending this list with a gluten-free joint that has Mexican food that will blow you away. This restaurant is inspired, to say the least! If you love your tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, you must visit Bar Verde.

One of the best parts about this restaurant is that it is not only a hundred percent gluten-free, but it is also completely plant-based. So, unless you have a nut allergy, you can pretty much order anything!

The bar aspect of the restaurant is huge, and you have plenty of options for drinks. They kept the dessert choices simple, only three items, but they are total crowd-pleasers like churros and cheesecake!

Both the drinks and ambiance are great for an amazing fine dining experience. The empanadas and guacamole are loved by those who frequent this vegan eatery. If you are avoiding gluten and looking for plant-based Mexican, you must give Bar Verde a try.

Final Thoughts

Even though New York is filled with restaurants, looking for celiac-friendly options can be tough. We hope you can find the right place to eat with this list of top places to eat in New York when going gluten-free.

If you are looking for amazing gluten-free baked items, you can go to Modern, Senza’s Bakery, or Noglu. For the best Asian food for celiacs, Lilli and Loo are the places you want to try. Want some experimental Japanese cuisine? Visit Nami Nori.


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