8 Best Dessert Shops in New York City to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

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Take a Dessert-Filled Trip Around the Big Apple at These Popular Shops

Whether you are in the mood for a waffle cone or a slice of a rainbow crepe cake, New York City has all of the dessert shops you could possibly need to satisfy your sweet tooth. While indoor dining in New York City has recently been halted, you can still order pick-up or delivery at your favorite dessert shop. Check out these popular New York City dessert cafes the next time you are craving something sweet. 

Dining out in New York City is not always easy on the wallet. If your favorite New Yorker has a birthday coming up, or you just want to show your appreciation for them, purchase a GiftYa virtual gift card for them. Because they are completely virtual, your loved one can carry their card with them wherever they go as long as they have their phone on them. Make sure they try one of the dessert shops featured below! 

Spot Dessert Bar


13 St Marks Pl, East Village

Delightful Bar Offering Sweet Treats for the Perfect Post-Dinner Dessert

Grab a sweet plate of dessert. Image courtesy of Yelp

Have a sweet tooth craving? Head to Spot Dessert Bar. Both online delivery and in-store take out are available. 

Not sure which dish to try first? For something unique and artsy, try The Harvest. This Instagram-worthy dish features berries, soft cheesecake oreo crumbs, and raspberry sorbet served with earthy grey milk tea. Another popular dish, the Cookie Camp, is a half-baked marshmallow cookie, pretzels, and cookie crumbs served with condensed milk ice cream. A wide selection of ice cream flavors such as Matcha Lava and Coffee Caramel is also offered at this popular dessert shop.

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“I ordered the matcha lava cake that was a delectable blend of chocolate and green tea. In the lava cake, there was a gooey warm chocolate filling and the ice cream complemented the cake perfectly. We also ordered chocolate chip cookies which were huge and soft and gooey. They were amazing.” - Yelp Review


Torico Ice Cream


20 Erie St, Jersey City

Popular Jersey City Dessert Shop Serving Delicious and Creative Cakes

Check out their display of elaborate cakes and pies. Image courtesy of Yelp

For sweet homemade ice cream and delicious desserts, visit Torico Ice Cream. Using only real ingredients and fresh toppings, Torico Ice Cream offers guests delightful treats and over 65 different flavors of ice cream. Some of their current seasonal flavors include Butter Pecan, Green Tea, and Pumpkin Pie Banana. Sandwich cookie packs, ice cream cakes, pies, and sundae kits are also available. 

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“Torico is a Jersey City staple that's been around for a long time with some of the best flavors in ice cream. Their homemade ice cream is so tasty whether you get traditional vanilla or one of the gelato style flavors. Also, do yourself a favor and get the homemade waffle cones.. they won't disappoint.” - Yelp Review


Blue Marble Ice Cream


186 Underhill Ave, Prospect Heights

Locally-Owned Ice Cream Shop Known for Serving Certified Organic Ice Cream in NYC

This charming NYC shop is known for its sweet ice cream treats and relaxed atmosphere. Image courtesy of Yelp

Blue Marble Ice Cream offers sweet, certified organic ice cream to dessert lovers all around the city. Absolutely no antibiotics, artificial ingredients, or corn syrup is found in any of their dishes. All of their menu items are also certified Kosher and GMO-free. Some of their most popular ice cream flavors include the Matcha Green Tea, Salt-Kissed Caramel, Cinnamon Double Dark Chocolate, and Mint Cocoa & Cookies. Customers can also satisfy their caffeine craving by ordering a matcha latte or cappuccino. 

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“My last few visits have really cemented for me the fact that the quality of the cream and the flavor of the ingredients really speak for themselves — this organic ice cream shop still churns some of the tastiest ice creams around town.” - Yelp Review

The Little One


150 E Broadway Lower East Side, Chinatown

Charming Dessert Shop Located on the Lower East Side of NYC in Chinatown

The ice hojicha, hojicha kakigori, and corn monaka ice cream sandwich make a sweet and filling dessert. Image courtesy of Yelp

Containing only five tables, this petite pastry shop has garnered a large fanbase for its teas and carefully-crafted desserts. Looking to share and enjoy a dessert with a friend or partner? Order the new Chocolate cake with Soba Cha and Hojicha Tiramisu. This shareable dessert is perfect for two people, or even just yourself. For something a little different, try the Japanese Cheesecake. This dessert pairs well with hot tea. Need a gluten-free option? Try their new Chocolate Gateaux. The Little One recommends pairing this dish with the Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream. 

“I really love this place. The aesthetic is simply wonderful. Really wacky desserts that are surprisingly as good as they look. I'm not always here but when I am, I've never had a bad dessert. Those little ice cream sandwiches. Delish. Will return.” - Yelp Review

Milk Bar East Village


251 E 13th St, East Village

Popular Dessert Shop That Brings Inventive Cakes and Treats to the Table

Numerous treats fit for every taste bud are served at Milk Bar daily. Image courtesy of Milk Bar

Since 2008, Milk Bar has enjoyed a stellar reputation as one of the best bakeries in the country. Award-winning founder Christina Tosi was recently profiled on “Chef’s Table” for her shop’s famous items including her Compost Cookie® layer cake, Cereal Milk™ Soft Serve, and Milk Bar Pie. 

Milk Bar also specializes in wedding cakes. The popular dessert bar offers classic layered cake rounds up to 6 tiers in height. Customers can choose between the Classic Birthday or Chocolate Birthday flavors. 

“Who woulda thought cereal and ice cream go so well together? I was so pleasantly surprised. The Costumer service though was very commendable. We shared a few laughs and I couldn't ask for a better ice cream spot.” - Yelp Review 

Sweet House Drinks & Dessert Inc.


67 Bayard St, Chinatown

Modern Hong Kong Style Desserts Served in the Heart of Chinatown

Try the honeydew juice in a cup the next time you stop in. Image courtesy of Yelp

Located in Chinatown, Sweet House Drinks and Desserts offers a delectable selection of Hong Kong-style desserts. These fruit-based treats are a sweet and satisfying solution to your dessert cravings. For something light, try the strawberry yogurt with aloe jelly or the grass jelly with mixed fruit. The Tofu Custard and the Mango Pudding with coconut and grapefruit are also popular dessert options. 

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“This is a great place for desserts. Highly recommend the tofu custard pudding (dou fu hua), which comes with a brown syrup. We ordered it chilled but it can also be served warmed up. It came in an aesthetically beautiful bucket with extra serving bowls to share amongst friends when we ordered in.” - Yelp Review

Dominique Ansel Bakery


189 Spring St, South Village

Award-Winning Bakery Serving Innovative and Delicious Pastries

The frozen s’more is a unique take on a campfire classic. Image courtesy of Yelp

At Dominique Ansel Bakery, you are sure to find a creative dessert that you will love. From the shop’s Caramelized Almond Brittle to its Malted Milk Rocks, you may need to visit the shop more than once in order to try out all of the desserts you want. Cookie shots for milk, cotton soft cheesecake, and sable Breton are also popular menu items at Dominique Ansel Bakery. 

“The DKA is one of the pastries that Dominique Ansel is known for. It's essentially a caramelized croissant! In between each flaky layer of buttery pastry was sugar that caramelized to make this glorious creation! I've never had a croissant like this before. You could taste the quality of the ingredients and the richness of the butter with every bite.” - Yelp Review


Lady M Confections


41 East 78th St, Upper East Side

Upscale Dessert Cafe Offering the Finest Confectionery Delights

Grab a seat and enjoy a delicious pastry. Image courtesy of Yelp

For years, New Yorkers have flocked to Lady M for its inventive crepe cakes and pastries. Lady M offers around a dozen different flavors for customers to try. Try the Tiramisu Mille Crepes if you are craving a chocolate coffee flavor or the passion fruit mille for something sweet. Want a little bit of everything? Order the Slice of the Best Mille Crepes. 

“Signature crepe cake is a classic and you cannot go wrong with it! A must buy always! I also got the coffee mousse and it was so creamy and the sweetness was perfect! The place was cute and tiny, so we just grabbed slices to go. The wait wasn't too long and the people were friendly. Love this place!” - Yelp Review

Dining in New York City is a treat for anyone who is able to visit the city. Which dessert shops have you visited so far? Tell us what you thought of them!


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